Selling a house for the first time? Here are crucial tips for first time home sellers


Sellers often get all their stuff boxed up and feel excited about putting the house on the market. But, some of them fail to take a few necessary steps for ensuring they are ready to face the prospective buyers. Here are some tips that can help sellers in remaining on the right track.


Dealing with the fear associated with showing the home to prospects


Make sure that any valuables, including jewelry, account numbers, and concealed weapons are kept in a safe place as prospects would be traipsing through the house.


The homeowner must remain emotionally detached from the property and ready to accept that they won’t be the owner of the house for much longer. Having a plan for the next step, and the future can help in controlling the mind while prospects start visiting the home.


Sellers must remain prepared for repairs


Property sellers often get caught-up as they fail to consider the cost for repairs that the home needs to undergo before selling. Thus, before placing the house on the market, it is advisable to get a home inspection done. Government compliant repair-work cannot be skipped. Selling the home without getting the necessary repair work done can negatively impact the list price and, most probably, the sales price as well.


Discussing points from the seller’s net sheet with the agent 


When you hire an agent, it is advisable to create a seller’s net sheet. The property owner should discuss the same with the agent to know the agent’s fees, the possible amount needed to be set aside for repair work, and the exact amount that he or she would be walking away with after completing the transaction. Plus, understanding the market, and deciding the best case/worst case selling price also remains crucial.


Where to go next?


Plan the next move before putting the house on the market. It is essential to decide if the next step is to rent or buy a new property. The homeowners should also have a tentative figure when it comes to investing in future estate.


Other steps to be taken before clicking photos and putting the property on the market


  • House appears dirty and small due to clutter. Go room by room and make notes as to what needs to be done to get rid of clutter.


  • Homeowners with a lot of furniture should be ready to rearrange the same as per the estate agent’s suggestion. Rearranging it can do a lot of good.


  • Sellers often have multiple personal photos hanging on the wall in various rooms, and these can prove to be a distraction. Buyers wish to envision their pictures on the property. Thus, house sellers should de-personalize the property as much as possible before showing it to prospective buyers.


  • Small investments in designing elements like fresh flowers, candles, pillows, beautiful sheets, plants, etc. can be very beneficial.


  • Buyers hate walking into a house that smells like cats, dogs, dirty diapers, and onions. So, thinking about the smell is crucial. Using room fresheners can surely prove to be helpful.


  • Always work with reputed, trustworthy sales professionals who have multiple years of experience in helping property buyers as well as sellers in making informed decisions. If you are searching for Vero Beach Island Real Estate professional, Debbie Bell can be the best choice.