It’s a Good Time to Sell your Home. But are you Emotionally Attached?

For most people, selling a home is a process that is fraught with emotion. Many have lived in their homes for years, using them as sanctuaries in which to raise families and weather different seasons of life. Others are facing moves necessitated by painful circumstances, such as divorce or financial difficulties. Even sellers preparing for a voluntary and desired move are likely to face some feelings of attachment that threaten to interfere with the home sale process.

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Despite the inherent difficulty, emotionally detaching yourself from your property before listing it is the first step in ensuring a smooth sale. Here are some tips to help you dissolve the bond:

  • If the move is necessary but unwanted, be honest with your agent and tell him or her that you will require some patience.  Realtors are accustomed to working with sellers facing all sorts of difficult situations, and being upfront with your agent about potential problems that you foresee will enable him or her to act in your best interest.
  • Preserve memories with the help of technology. As you are preparing to pack your belongings, take photos of your favorite spots in your home, and scan letters and other important papers into the computer. This will help you eliminate paper to reduce your moving burden while still maintaining a permanent copy of the things that are important to you.
  • Invoke the assistance of a professional stager.  He or she will help you remove your personal items and neutralize the home so that buyers will view it as a blank slate. This should help accelerate your process of moving on and seeing your home for what it is when it is for sale: a commodity that must be marketed and purchased by the right buyer.
  • When buyers come to look at your home, leave the property and allow your realtor to handle the showing. Lingering sellers can cause potential buyers to feel uncomfortable and may interfere with their perception of the property, and observing any negative reactions that buyers may have will only make the process of letting go more difficult for the seller.
  • Focus on your next step and the freedom and new opportunities that selling your current home will provide you. Even if moving is not your preference at the time, researching the highlights of your new neighborhood and starting to think about how you will decorate the next home may help you begin to sow the seeds of excitement about this transition.

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